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Top 6 Eye Makeup Tutorial For All Time

Top 6 Eye Makeup Tutorial For All Time

Eyes are the best part of your whole body, and the most rare gift from GOD. Eyes has an special appearance in your whole personality, so that is why we need them looks fresh and beautiful with natural herbs and medicines. Girls need some extra care to beautify them mostly women use to wear makeup to make them appealing. There are lots of eye makeup in the beauty world but which are the most popular and easy to apply? Here in this article i will tell you which are Top 6 Eye Makeup Tutorial For All Time, why and how they are easy to apply and looks cool on every type of faces. You can use them at any occasions and events such as Eid, Diwali, Christmas or whatever is your special annual or daily event.

As Eid is near to come so i would take a taste of this event in this post and will identify this post with Eid Ul Fitr. Eid-Ul-Fitr is the day when people meet with each other. It is the Holy month for Muslim people. Eid-Ul-Fitr is coming very fast and people are seemed to be busy in shopping. Fashion markets are crowded with people who are busy in preparation for the eid day. Women are very conscious about their dressing and the matching jewellery and accessory for this eid. A part of dressing, women always want to look stunning on eid day and one thing which is playing a vital role in making women looks beautiful is none other than makeup. Makeup plays an important role in women’s life and the most important part of the makeup is eye. For eid day, women are seeking for some latest and trendy eye makeup tips that give them simple yet stylish look. Here in this post I am sharing best 6 eye makeup tips for eid below.

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Top 6 Eye Makeup Tutorial For All Time

  1. Smoky Eye Makeup
  2. Arabic Eye Makeup
  3. Cat Eye Makeup
  4. Moonlight Eye Makeup
  5. Retro Eye Makeup
  6. Light Gothic Eye Makeup

1, Smoky Eye Makeup:

Top 6 Eye Makeup Tutorial For All TimeSmoky makeup has been famous since centuries. It is the part of fashion till now. Smoky eye makeup is popular in parties, gathering, ramps and all kind of celebrations. This year, smoky makeup is remained in fashion. A perfect blend of different bold shades with black gives you a perfect smoky look. Let’s check out the tips to apply smoky eye makeup for eid 2015 below.

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Things You Will Need For Smokey Eye Makeup:

  • Eyeliner Pencil
  • Eye shadow
  • Highlighter Shadows
  • Flat Brush
  • Angled Detailing brush
  • Blending Brush

How To Apply Smokey Eye Makeup:

  1. First of all start with the eyeliner pencil for filling up the waterlines for the enhancement of eyes.
  2. Make the sketch on lash line with pencil. Make a line close to the lashes as much as possible. You can easily get a perfect stroke by dotting and connect them to make a perfect line.
  3. Extend the stroke to the outer corner of eyes and make a winged line. You need to make this wing lengthy as you do for cat eye look.
  4. Now, blurring that line you drew recently and drag it to outward and upward.
  5. Now, accentuate the outermost corner if eye by drawing it in black colored arced shape and then smudge it nicely.
  6. When it done, then apply any eye shadow on empty left corner part of eyelids. You can use silver, pink, blue, golden, cream, peach and brown shade for smoky look.
  7. Now, blur and blend the corner of eyes with black boundaries at the outer corner of eyes.
  8. Now, use highlighter shadow and apply it underneath eyebrows closer to the brows and get a perfect smoky look. Pop out the eyes and brow prominently and nicely.
  9. Take the same shadow again and apply it under the inner corner of lids and around the tear duct and smudge it nicely with main color.
  10. Smudge the eyeliner on lower water lash line upward and downward both.
  11. In the last apply mascara and your perfect smoky eye makeup look is complete for this eid.

2, Arabic Eye Makeup:

Top 6 Eye Makeup Tutorial For All TimeArabic eye makeup is another most popular makeup look now a day. Arabic makeup comprises with a mixture of shimmery and dark eye shadows. Usually women love to apply black, golden, maroon and silver shades to get a perfect Arabic look. Let’s check out the tips for Arabic eye makeup for eid below.

Things You Will Need For Arabic Eye Makeup:

  • Concealer
  • Brown Eye shadow
  • Black Eye Pencil
  • Golden Eye shadow
  • Bronze Eye shadow
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Windshield Brush

How To Apply Arabian Eye Makeup:

  1. First of all cover the dark circles and all other patchiness around the eyes with the help of concealer. You can also use foundation instead of concealer to hidden them.
  2. Now, take brush and apply medium brown eye shadow on the crease of eyes. Now, apply the black eye pencil to the outer corner of eyes and also over the eyebrow in the shape of C and then extend it to the winged shape.
  3. Now apply golden eye shadow over the central area of eyelid. Blend the eye shadow nicely but don’t hardly. You should have to use flat brush for this step to get maximum color intensity.
  4. Now apply a bronze eye shadow over the third corner of eye and extend to the eye socket end. Make sure that don’t sweep the all shades too much that the metallic shade mix and lost. Only blend it nicely with soft hand.
  5. Now apply a dark tick line to the upper and lower lash line to get a perfect Arabic eye look. You can sue liquid or gel eyeliner that creates the maximum intensity. Extend the eyeliner to the outer corner of eye to create a winged look.
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3, Cat Eye Makeup:

Top 6 Eye Makeup Tutorial For All TimeCat eye makeup is also very popular in young girls. Cat eye makeup is also known to be as a dramatic makeup. It gives more appealing look tan others. Here are the tips to apply cat eye makeup below.

Things You Will Need For Cat Eye Makeup:

  • Eyeliner
  • Brush
  • Remover
  • Eye shadow

How To Apply Cat Eye Makeup:

  1. First of all take eyeliner brush and dip it into a black eyeliner pot and apply over the eyes to get a cat eye look. You can also use gel eyeliner.
  2. Now start by creating the tail which is called wing of liner. Start applying by the outer corner of eyes and angled the brush toward the temple of eyes.
  3. Now apply the same eyeliner along the lash line. Start from the quarter and forward to the inner corner of eyes. You can draw the line by dotting to get a perfect look and then connect dot for smooth and straight line.
  4. Make a diagonal line with the help of eyeliner brush. Make the diagonal line that comes to the winged line that you drew before. Connect it to the liner that you traced along the upper lash line.
  5. Fill the triangle shape that connects with the winged liner of the upper lash line.
  6. Now apply any eye shadow tat you want to color on eyelids. Blend nicely.

4, Retro Eye Makeup:

Top 6 Eye Makeup Tutorial For All TimeRetro eye makeup is very popular in young girls. This makeup look makes the personality of woman very attractive. It is the sixteenth makeup look which is very easy. Here are the tips through which you can easily get perfect retro eye makeup look this eid.

Things You Will Need For Retro Eye Makeup:

  • Eyeliner
  • Black Pencil
  • Brown Eye shadow
  • Mascara

How To Apply Retro Eye Makeup:

  1. First of all, line your eyes on the upper inner of rim with black eye pencil. Apply it gently and move just back and forth to get a perfect depth.
  2. Now take any brown eye shadow and trace the line where you want to place the liner, with the help of angled eyeliner brush.
  3. Crease your eyes with this brown eye shadow.
  4. Now, trace the curved line just over the brown eye shadow to get a perfect line with any other color pencil.
  5. In the end, use mascara to give length and volume to your lashes.
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5, Moonlight Eye Makeup:

Top 6 Eye Makeup Tutorial For All TimeMoonlight makeup is also known as the shimmery and glittery makeup. This makeup look is very popular in women. Mostly, girls are wearing this makeup in parties and wedding functions. Here are some tips that make this moonlight eye makeup perfect for eid.

Things You Will Need For Moonlight Eye Makeup:

  • Eye Primer
  • Cream Eye shadow
  • Translucent Creme Eye shadow
  • Glittery Eye shadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara

How To Apply Moonlight Eye Makeup:

  1. Firstly, start by applying eye primer over the lid and ten apply translucent crème eye shadow that will help you to prevent from the scattering of glitter on face.
  2. Afterward, put the eye shadow over the eyes that you want to color. Close the eyes until it completely dry.
  3. Now, apply glitter eye shadow over the lids. You can also use glitter pencil to get a perfect moonlight look. Apply it over the eyes but not too close to the inner corner of eyes. Dab the eye shadow with your finger’s index or brush.
  4. Now apply the eyeliner to the lash line and the waterline to get a perfect look. Apply mascara in the end.

6, Gothic Eye Makeup:

Top 6 Eye Makeup Tutorial For All TimeGothic eye makeup is very popular in women because of its dark look. It is also called a sexy eye makeup look. This makeup is very easy to apply. Here are some tips to apply light Gothic eye makeup for eid below.

Things You Will Need For Gothic Eye Makeup:

  • Concealer or Foundation
  • Eye shadow in Black Shimmery
  • Eye shadow in Silver
  • Black Liner Pencil
  • Liquid Eyeliner
  • Mascara

How To Apply Gothic Eye Makeup:

  1. Apply concealer or foundation to hidden all the imperfection around the eyes.
  2. Now apply take silver highlighter and start applying it to the brow bones.
  3. Then apply the burnt shimmer grey eye shadow on the crease and just below the brow bones. Blend the shade nicely.
  4. Now apply black matte eye shadow over the whole lid. Don’t draw wings.
  5. Now apply black pencil liner to the lower rim of eyes. The lower rim is quite abroad for apply Gothic makeup.
  6. In the end apply mascara and get a perfect Gothic eye makeup look.

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So, these are the Top 6 Eye Makeup Tutorial For All Time. Which one which you can apply with no hassle and they are not much time consuming so you can do these makeups in 15 to 20 minutes. no need for specialist no need to make a run for salon in rush.

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