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Easy Steps To Brighten Eyes After Makeup

Easy Steps To Brighten Eyes After Makeup 1

Makeup is one of the most important accessory for women. Without applying makeup a woman cannot move out from home. It is no denying fact. If women don’t want to apply loads of makeup on her face then the light foundation and a thin layer of kajal are the best friends of them. Now a days, the smokey makeup with matte finish look is very common in fashion. Women are liking and wearing smokey makeup in every occasion. Did you notice that, if you wear softer matte finish makeup and smokey eye look then your over all makeup doesn’t stand out and appear as vibrant that you expect. If yes, then the main reason of this is that, the the smokey eye makeup fall flat due to the deeper pigment under eye bags. So, here i am going to learn you how to brighten eyes after makeup. Here are some easy steps to tweak eyes after makeup below.

Easy Steps To Brighten Eyes After Makeup

Easy Steps To Brighten Eyes After Makeup 1

Before applying or giving a finish look in makeup, it is very important to gather all the products in one place that you will need. Let’s see what you will need for give a bright look after makeup below.

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Things Required:

  1. Wet Tissue
  2. Highlighting Concealer
  3. Concealer Matchable with Skin Tone
  4. Peach Corrector (Optional)
  5. Tinted compact Powder

Following are the steps to get a brighten eyes after makeup below.


Remove a clean ply of wet tissue and lay it down on the index of your finger and cover your finger with it to clean the area under eyes. You can also use dry tissue with makeup remover or cleansing tissue paper. This step will remove all the falls of eye shadows and pigments during the eye makeup.

Step #2:

Now place the tissue under the eye area of your eyes to remove extra pigment and eye shadow. Start from the innermost corner of eyes and then move to the outermost corner of eyes. Use the wet tissue with smooth hand, don’t push too much as it can cause of increasing of blood flow under eyes. Always remove extra amount of loose pigmented eye makeup.

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Now cleanup the edge of eye makeup from the outermost corner of eyes with the help of same tissue.It will make a sharp wing-shaped edge that will lift your eye makeup and give them a wider effect.

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Gently, apply the under eye cream to moisturize the eye area and blending it with your ring finger. Those girls who have dark pigmented eyelids must use salmon and orange color corrector before applying concealer to hidden dark circles. This step will relieve all the dryness.


At the end, apply highlighting concealer to under eye area in a triangle shape. As highlighting concealer have light shimmery particles that will give your eyes bright effect. It will lift your eye makeup and also give your eyes a sultry look. Now set it with the use of compact powder to prevent from creasing.

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These all easy steps will give you a perfect brighten eye makeup look. You will love your look. Let’s go and try this  now and make you appearance out to be appealing and stunning 🙂

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