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7 Effective Makeup Tips To Brighten Your Eye Shadow

7 Effective Makeup Tips To Brighten Your Eye Shadow 1

Do you love bright eye makeup? if yes then you are at a right place, here in this post you will get some tips to get beautiful bright eye makeup look. Now a days, i am seeing the models wearing bright eye shadows to look stunning and appealing. Bright and bold eye shadow always give an awesome look. I have tried so many times to make my eye makeup look brighter but always failed to get a perfect look. I have never get a pop up eye makeup look with bright eye shadow like models but i have found 7 effective tips to brighten eye shadow. These effective makeup tips will give you a perfect eye makeup look that you want. Just follow up these steps and make your eye makeup brighter. Let’s read out the article below:

7 Effective Makeup Tips To Brighten Your Eye Shadow

7 Effective Makeup Tips To Brighten Your Eye Shadow 1

Making a bold and bright eye makeup look is such a difficult task but by following these steps it is now very easy for you. You can now make your eyes bright and beautiful by following these eye makeup tips.

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1. Eye Primer:

We almost forget to use eye primer before applying eye shadow. But i must tell you that it is most necessary to apply eye primer first to get a natural but bright eye shadow. Eye primer is considered to be as a multi purpose product that not only add vibrancy to eye shadow but also make your eye shadow look brighter. Eye primer alwyas give you a pop up eye look without effected on your natural beauty of eyes. Eye primer is available in various shades but white and pale colored eye prier always works with every skin tone.

2. Eye Shadow Base:

Eye shadow is also very important for eye makeup like eye prier but the formula of eye shadow base is totally change form eye primer. Eye shadow base looks like a creamy and thick that help in intensify the eye color pay off. You should have to use eye shadow base after primer to allow the eye shadow stick on eye lids. You can apply it with your finger tips easily. Beauticians also apply eye primer first and then eye shadow base to get a perfect eye makeup look with vibrancy and bright affection.

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3. White Eye Pencil:

If you have no eye primer and eye shadow base then white eye pencil is best option for you. For limited budget women, white pencil always work like eye primer and eye shadow. You can enhance the vibrancy and bright look of your eye shadow by using white pencil. White pencil can also enhance he color intensity. Apply white eye pencil on your eye lid and then spread quickly it by using of stiff eye shadow brush or finger. You can see your eye shadow look brighter.

4. Black Eye Pencil:

Just like white eye pencil you can use black eye pencil as a eye shadow base. You can use black eye pencil with bright shaded eye shadows such as red, maroon, bronze, green, blue and purple. You can see the amazingly and noticeable result of bright eye shadow with black eye pencil.

5. Layering:

If you want to make your eye shadow brighter then must be use two layers of your eye shadow as this tip will give you a pop up eye look with bright colors effects.

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6. Wet Eye Shadow Brush:

It is also an another most effective makeup tip for your eyes to look bright. You can simply get a brighter eye look by using plain water or spray. Simply, wet your eye shadow brush with water or spray to set the eye shadow. After wetting it just pat dry with any tissue to remove exceed water. Afterward, slightly damp your wet eyeshadow brush in eye shadow and apply it on your eye lid. You can see the brighter and intensive pigmentation to your eyes.

7. Concealer:

Applying concealer is one of the important part of eye makeup. To get a perfect brighter ad vibrant eye makeup look you should have to use concealer before applying eye shadow. It will give your eyes a instantly brighter look. Concealer is available in markets but always choose it according to your skin tone.

By following these easy tips you can make your eye makeup look brighter and pop up. If you like these tips then must be share your reviews with us.

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