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Best Makeup Tips For Ramadan – Complete Guide

Best Makeup Tips For Ramadan - Complete Guide 1

Ramadan is the Holy Month of Muslims which means to spirituality, joy and blessings. Ramadan is a month that always comes with happiness and smile for everyone. Ramadan also brings some extra work for women. Form suhoor to iftar women are literally seeing very busy with constant juggling. Between them, women always neglected themselves especially their skin, beauty as well as health. In Ramadan, women have no time to beautify their personality and make their appearance beautiful. They mostly avoid makeup because of lake of time. Makeup is all set to considered to be as the most important part of every women’s life. They want to look beautiful in every walk of life and in Ramadan, they also have inner desire to look different and beautiful. For Ramadan, makeup is such a tough task as it must be look natural. Here in this post i am going to share with some easy but best makeup tips for Ramadan. It is a complete guide for you that will make you beautiful with natural look. Let’s read these tips below:

Best Makeup Tips For Ramadan – Complete Guide

Best Makeup Tips For Ramadan - Complete Guide 1

Few years back, women only use a kohl, a fairness cream and colorless lip balm during Ramadan. But now that time was completely gone. Today’s modern women always do all the things that make them gorgeous, smart and beautiful. So, let’s read below some basic makeup tips to look natural in Ramadan.

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1. Cleansing and Moisturizing:

Before applying makeup, you should have to take some  extra attention towards your skin in Ramadan. As due to the extra activities in kitchen our skin becomes unhealthy and flaky. But if we use daily cleansing and moisturizing then we can maintain the life and health of our skin easily. You should have to cleanse your face on daily basis because less makeup always suit with even toned skin.

2. Applying Makeup:

1. First of all, keep you over all makeup with matte and muted shades. It means that avoid shimmery makeup in Ramadan.

2. Choose light shaded foundation and powder. Even you must have to apply light coverage concealer to hidden acne spots and dark circles.

3. Always apply those shaded blush on that will give you a healthy and natural look. You can choose matte peach, pink and skin color blush on to look pretty.

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4. Apply nude colors on lips to look natural. Blushing nude lip color is perfect for Ramadan makeup.

5. If you want to prominent your eyes then apply light color eye shadows like beige, fawn and light brown. But it is better to avoid eye shadow in Ramadan because it looks over.

6. Apply dark eye liner instead of eye shadow to enhance the beauty of your eyes. You can even make a choice of blue, black, burgundy and brown eye liner to enhance your eyes.

7. Avoid black color mascara in Ramadan. You can make a choice of colored mascara to look beautiful and attractive. You can choose navy blue, burgundy and dark brown mascara to get a subtle look.

8. Avoid false lashes because this is a time to experiment a less dramatic look.

These all basic makeup tips are best and perfect for whole Ramadan. Now you can get compliment with these simple makeup tips in Ramadan.

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Moms!! Catch some time for you in your busy schedule of Ramadan, because if you look beautiful then everything is beautiful in home. 🙂

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