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Applying Tips For Liquid Eye Liner

As we know that there are so many types of eye liner available in market but most of us are using liquid eye liner because it’s give a diva look to eyes..There are many ways to apply eye liner but the things for remember to need are here share with you..
When you apply liquid eye liner, you should have to start from inner or middle of your eye lashes and then move brush outward.It is also very necessary to firm hand to make smooth and unbroken lines.Here are some useful steps to follow and you will find a best way of applying liquid eye liner..Let’s check out below..

Step 1. It is very important to make sure that your eyes are clean before applying eye liner.

Step 2. Take eye liner and applying with the inner line of the eye lashes and after that just wiggle the liner inside the lashes.This will make your eye lashes look thick and dense.

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Step 3. Give a touch of mascara to your eye lashes.

Finally, In the last you must have to see in the mirror to ensure that there are no dissimilarities between both eye lashes..

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