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Easy Tips To Make A Natural Rosy Blush

Rosy Blush : A Natural Look.Makeup is an art and it is very simple but difficult to apply.Giving a natural rosy blush is also a most important part of makeup and here are some useful tips, which is i am going to share with you that will help you to give a natural rosy blush to your cheeks.
First of all, when you are applying blush on your cheeks, it is very important to give a soft and natural look that every women consider because it gives you a natural impression on your face.Then you should lightly blow on your applicator brush because if there is any excess blush, u will get an uneven application.After that, you should apply blush on apple of your cheek and then blend it towards your natural hairline.If you want to apply two shades then you should have to apply firstly the darker shade on apple of your cheek and then highlight with lighter shade.Make sure you should blend it nicely since then there is no difference line show between two shades.Afterwards, in the last step, highlight your forehead, chin and temples..

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These some useful and common tips will give you a rosy blush with natural look..Stay tuned..

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