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Akssa Hand & Foot Facial (Sachet)

For bright and fair skin complexion 100% Herbal products No animals tested. Fresh and smooth Akssa whitening facial skin care

Janssen Melafadin Fluid Ampoule 25 x 2 ML

Effective Skin Care Reduce Pigmentation Fair Looking Skin Complexion Lighten the Skin

The Vitamin Company Kojic Acid Whitening Cream

Natural skin whitening formula Remarkable ability to help in lighting/whitening of the complexion All Natural Made in USA For all

Dermacol B.B Cream 8 in 1 Beauty Benefit Glow

Locks moisture in your skin Reduces water loss by 21% in 5 days (proved in an in-vivo study) Intensively hydrates

Skinex England Blonder Polish

Dermatologically Tested Multi-tasking Bleaching Power Instant Glow Tri-Lightening Formula 100% Natural Product Non-Irritating Formula

Skinex England Anti Acne Mask

Dermatologically Tested Anti-Acne Face Mask Clear and Smooth Skin 100% Natural Product Non-Irritating Formula