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Aging Skin Care & Beauty

Aging is unavoidable and inevitable process. As we tend to grow older our skins tend to grow as well alongwith the other parts of the body.

Aging Skin Care & BeautyAs skin gets older it tends to loose its mositure, elasticity, shine etc as well.Its pretty easy to manage a young , soft and glowing skin with only a little care but its very difficult to manage and take care of an aged skin.Its an old proverb that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But to look young ,beautiful with glowing and healthy skin is a tough ask if not impossible.Humans can not stop the aging process but atleast they can delay it a bit with the use of approriate diet and food supplement and ofcourse with a little exercise.

Aging Skin Care & Beauty Problems and their Solutions

Following are few problems related to aging skin care & beauty that are normally faced by many aged people around us.

Problem 1

As we tend to grow older the water content in the body tends to become low.This is one of the many reasons that causes skin to sag and become less elastic.

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Aged Dry Skin

Aged Dry Skin


Increase daily water uptake as this will help us to retain moisture inside the body and this will help the aging skin to become soft and glowy.

Use a good moisturising cream which contains extracts of cucumber,waxes and vitamin E . Vitamin E is very essential for good and healthy looking skin.

Homemade moisturiser can be made by add few drops od rose water in to a table spoon of honey.Mix both and apply gently on the skin with circular motions.Leave this mask for

20 minutes and rinse it with luke warm water.


Problem 2

Use of large quantities of Salt in our foods is also one of the reasons that causes the retention of liquid in body especially around sensitive areas of the skin i.e; under eyes.

This liquid retention causes the puffiness around the eyes.

Puffy Eyes


To avoid this problem we should avoid foods that contains lots of sodium content.

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Junk foods like Burgers, shawarmas and BBQ etc contain high amounts of sodium so avoid such foods.

A very easy tip for puffy eyes is that when you wake up early in the morning just rub your index finger vigorously on to the palm of your hand and put this rubbed index finger on your puffy eyes.This will help to lessen the puffiness around eyes.

To remove dark circles around eyes aplly cold milk with the help of a cotton swab around your eyes.This process will make dark circles to vanish.

Problem 3

Skin sagging is also a pretty common in aged people.Sking sagging is caused by the inelasticity of the skin cells.There are both clinical and homemade remedies for sagging skin.Clinically there are laser treatments for skin spots,sagging etc.

Saggy Skin Aged


New face lifting techniques are available these days.Botox injections are very much popular these days.In Botox injection technique Collagen and Elastin materials are injected on to the infected areas.This technique can last up to six months to 2 years.

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This method has disadvantages as well.Botox has caused few deaths as well.

Its better to avoid any surgical treatment regarding your skin problems. Try to use creams

And lotions that contain Collagen and Elastin in it.Both these substances make skin look tight and younger as well.


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