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How To Do French Pedicure At Home – Detailed Steps

How To Do French Pedicure At Home - Detailed Steps 1

Summer season always comes up with different type of skin diseases. Your skin becomes flaky, dull and unhealthy in summer season due to the atmosphere and sun rays. As summer has arrived and most of us are suffering from the cracking heels and dryness on feet. Yes, feet also need extra care and attention as you take care of your face and hands. Beautiful feet always give you compliment from others. They are always being the center of attraction in a crowd.

Most of us, do so many sorts of things to pamper their feet. But the most popular treatment is a french pedicure treatment through which you can easily make your feet beautiful and appealing to eyes. Women always spend so many money in parlors to get a french pedicure but do you know you can get french pedicure at home without visiting parlors. If not then you are at a right place now!!

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Here you will find best tips to do french pedicure at home below. These steps will definitely help you and you will pamper your feet in summer season.

How To Do French Pedicure At Home – Detailed Steps

How To Do French Pedicure At Home - Detailed Steps 1

Before starting the treatment you should have to collect all the things in a place that you will need in french pedicure.

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Thing You Will Need:

  • Big Tumbler or Any Tub
  • Pumice Stone
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Epsom Salt
  • Filer
  • Concealer Brush
  • Cotton Balls
  • White Nail Polish
  • Lotion
  • Toe Spacers
  • Fresh Towels

Steps Of French Pedicure At Home

Now you can start the treatment of pedicure with these easy steps below:

1. Soak Your Feet:

First of all take a big tumbler or any kind of tub to soak your feet in warm water. Fill out the tumbler with water and pour some Epsom salt in it. You can also add shampoo to get a smooth and soft feet. Soak your feet in the tumbler for sometimes and after that use pumice stone for scrubbing the various part of feet.

2. Apply Lotion:

Now take lotion and massage your feet in a gentle way. You can also use massage cream for better result. Make sure at the time of massage your feet must be smooth and soft. This step will help you to remove dead skin around the nails.

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3. Remove Nail Polish:

In third step you have to remove nail color to get a new look in your feet. Take cotton balls and dip in nail polish remover and apply over the nail for the removal of old nail color.

4. Filer:

Take filer and give a desire look to your nails before applying nail polish.

5. Apply White Nail Color:

Now apply the white nail polish over your nails to get a beautiful look. Apply a single coat of white nail polish and let it for dry. When dried up apply another coat to get a perfect look.

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6. Conceal All The Mess:

Take a concealer brush and dip into an acetone to remove all the mess around the nails. Make sure that you are creating a thin and straight line to remove all mess.

7. Let It Dry:

On the end, wait for sometimes until it dried up. Make sure that place your feet in a cold water at the time of drying. This will give your nail polish a long lasting effect.

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Now your french pedicure is done and your feet are ready to get a compliment from others!! These easy steps will now help you always to do pedicure at home without trouble of visiting parlors.


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