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How To Check Cosmetics Expiry Date

We all know that when our wardrobe is full of old styles clothes we would rejected and unlike them. Like this, cosmetics products are also have their expiry dates and using those expired products will make your skin unhealthy and dull. Here we  are sharing with you our helpful guide that will help you to identify How To Check Cosmetics Expiry Date. We tried to cover those products which are in your daily makeup kits such as Lipstick, Mascara, Nail Polish and Brushes. Lets read these tips and tricks to know How To Check Cosmetics Expiry Date:

How To Check Cosmetics Expiry Dates


How To Check Cosmetics Expiry Date:

1. Moisturizer.

  • Face cream or lotion will be expire when it lose its freshness almost after six months. If you will seal them correctly, it will be last long and prevent from bacteria build up.
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2. Nail Polish.

  • After one year of any nail polish, you will check its expiry through a simple way of shake it well.If colors remains seperated after a quick shake.It expired.

3. Lipstick.

  • If a hue has become tainted then give the tube a quick sniff.Just smell your lipstick if its give a sour smell,its expired.While the maximum age of any lipstick is almost three years.Lip gloss will become too sticky in texture after only one year.

4. Mascara.

  • It is very easy to know expiry of any mascara.It has gone bad when it dry, clump and hard to apply.Usually after three years,old mascara can contain unhealthy bacteria and liquid becomes pasty.

5. Perfumes.

  • Perfumes are very long lasting product.It will be expire after eight years of opening and mostly it has gone end with in few years.Always place perfumes in fridge.

6. Brushes.

  • It is very simple to check out the brush expiration.When your brushes are dumped, bristles are pinched, frayed or falling out.Just ditch them.It has gone expired.
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7. Sunscreen.

  • Almost all the tubes have expiration dates on them.Don’t purchase them always because it has only one year expiry date.Always buy when needed.

This is How To Check Cosmetics Expiry Date for these daily use products, In future we will try to cover more products.Hope you will follow them and keep your healthy skin sand safe.

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