7 Secrets Of Megan Fox Sexy Look

Do you love the beauty of Megan Fox? Are you inspired with the makeup of famous Hollywood actress Megan Fox? If yes, then you must want to know the actress Megan Fox’s makeup secrets. Megan Fox is one of the most famous Hollywood actress of Pakistan. Megan Fox has speechless beauty and gorgeous over all look. Here in this post, i am sharing with you 7 Secrets Of Megan Fox Sexy Look, which has revealed now. Let’s read below the makeup secrets of Megan Fox.

7 Secrets Of Megan Fox Sexy Look

7 Secrets Of Megan Fox Sexy Look

  1. Megan Fox always feeling very conscious about her figure, beauty and makeup look. Now she has revealed her makeup secrets for her fans. Let’s check out them here below:
  2. Megan Fox doesn’t like heavy makeup for whole time. Megan Fox always wear a lip gloss, a moisturizer and a mascara in her regular routine. She always leave her skin to breath easily.
  3. She recommended to give a foundation a miss occasionally. Megan Fox always advice girls to apply Vaseline on cheekbones and eyelids for shining.
  4. She always highlights her eyes in a way to get a proper eye brow shape with a delicate filling.
  5. Megan Fox always tries red and deep wine red shade as they always suit with her complexion. Fox also love to apply orange-red lipstick for her every walk of life. The Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Lipstick in 400 is her favorite lipstick for all time.
  6. Red or orange lips with plain and simple eyes is considered to be as her signature look. She always use light foundation and pink blush to enhance her over all look.
  7. Megan Fox is very passionate about t her beauty and always use light makeup and soft and natural look with simple hairs when she wears a bold dress.
  8. Beach wavy hair look is her all time favorite look. Megan Fox always use Bumble n Bumble hair spray for getting thick hair texture.
  9. She always keep fragrance, mascara, moisturizer, concealer and Jao hand refresher, when she go out from home.
  10. Some essential products of Megan Fox are Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, Giorgio Armani Luscious Silk Foundation, Armani Code Fragrance and etc etc.
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Now girls!! if you want to get a pretty and gorgeous look like Megan Fox, then must be try out them and share your thoughts with me 🙂 Let’s see here some beautiful pictures of Megan Fox below:

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