Dark Circles Concealer Kit By Laneige

Clean and beautiful face has left very great effect of personality to another person.There are so many problems that are very common in women life such as acne, scars, aging spots etc etc.Here is a very common problem of our face is a dark circle around eyes.It will give a bad look and of course very disappointed life..
            Laneige has introduced a dark circle concealer kit which will give us a fresh and beautiful look.Here are some tips to use this concealer kit for hidden our dark circles from face..
It is a two step perfect cover concealer kit.Firstly cover dark circle with a gentle motion and then finish with a light reflection effect of powder to give a bright and cleared face look.Apply it after a use of thinly foundation with a fingertip and then use brush to lightly spread in a natural way.Remember if your skin is dry,you can use only concealer…..

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