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How To Remove Dark Spots: 7 Natural Tips

In the age of this era everyone, whether it’s woman or man both, have a problem of dark spots, some have big black spots some have small but everyone who is surfing in this situation wants a strong and working tip to get rid of dark spots. These dark spots which are also known as sun spots, age spot or freckles can be clear at home with some very simple natural assets of GOD. but the question is that How To Remove Dark Spots at home, so first you would need to know the causes and what is actually the dark spot is. so read below for the right answer.

How To Remove Dark Spots

What comes to your mind when you hear the dark age spots? Is it something like wrinkles? But no, usually the dark age spots are also known as age spots, brown spots and sun spots that emerged on the screen due to the irregular cleansing of the skin. These types of spots make skin dull and give the bad impact on others. In this article, i will tell you, even present you 7 Amazing Natural Tips which will only work if you will be consistent in applying them. So if you want to get rid of dark spots and you are thinking how to remove dark spots then keep read.

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Causes Of Dark Age Spots:

There are so many causes of these dark age spots. Most of the researches say that the reason behind these dark spots is the UV rays, aging, genetic problems, vitamin deficiency, stress and the weak function of the liver. Yes, if you see the dark spots on your face then don’t go beauty salon, just try to find out the reason of it. There are so many ways to get rid off with these age spots. Here in this post, I am sharing the top ways of removing dark age spots below. These tips will definitely help you and make your face beautiful and free from any dark spot. Let’s read below.

1, Apple Cider Vinegar

How To Remove Dark Spots

Apple cider vinegar has a very strong bleaching power. It is using to treat different skin problems. You can also use it for removing dark age spots by simply make a mixture of apple cider vinegar, water, honey and orange juice. Apply the paste twice a day and washed off with warm water when it dried.

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2, Aloe Vera

How To Remove Dark Spots

Aloe Vera is known as the best natural ingredients that are using for different skin problems. It can regenerate the skin very well. For the dark spot, it works very well. Simply, in the morning, pluck out the fresh Aloe Vera from the plant and apply its juice on an affected area. Leave it for 30 minutes.

3, Almond Oil

How To Remove Dark Spots

Almond oil is the most useful and easy way to remove dark spots from any part of a body. Simply, apply almond oil on dark spots in the early morning or before going to bed. You can also mix almond oil with olive oil or castor oil for the better result.

4, Lemon Juice

How To Remove Dark Spots

Lemon juice is known for its bleaching power. It is using to cleanse and bleach skin effectively. It has the ability to remove any type of spots from skin. For dark age spot, you need to apply lemon juice directly on affected twice a day for minimum two months. If you have a sensitive skin then mixes it with honey or rose water.

5, Castor Oil

How To Remove Dark Spots

Castor oil is also using for removing dark age spots. Just apply the castor oil on affected area with the help of cotton ball. Leave it for five minutes then rinse off with clean water. It will remove dark spot as well as minimize dryness on the skin.

6, Sandalwood

How To Remove Dark Spots

Sandalwood is best known as a skincare product. It has a strong anti-aging property. It is using for different skin problems and also prefers for removing dark spots. Simple take sandalwood powder and mix it with one teaspoon of glycerin, one teaspoon of lemon juice and two teaspoons of rose water. Apply the mixture on face daily. This is also best for a dull and dark skin.

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7, Buttermilk

How To Remove Dark Spots

Buttermilk is very effective for dark skin spots due to the present of lactic acid in it. Apply the buttermilk on affected area with the help of cotton ball. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash off with clean water. Apply this mixture twice a day.


So, these were the top ways of removing dark age spots at home yourself. With the help of them, you can easily get rid of dark spots. For better result just use any remedy at least two months with consistency. If you have any other home remedy for removing dark spots, then must share with us in a comment box. and I hope you will get the right answer of your question How To Remove Dark Spots. If yes do let us know in the comment box.

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