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Home Made Tomato Facial Mask For All Type Of Skin

Facial is very important for every one and it is very essential need of our skin.We go to beauty saloon and take a best facial suitable for our skin tone either it is oily or dry or normal skin we have.Sometimes,we have no time to go any beauty saloon and our skin needs facial also, we must have to know the home made facial mask for our skin.
Tomato is suitable for every type of skin and its facial mask can be made at home so easily.Tomato facial mask is used for remove black heads,dark spots and aging spots and shrinking pores also.To follow these some steps you can made your home made facial mask with tomato for your skin make healthy and soft.


First of all, take a tomato and cut it into few pieces.Put them into a food processor or juicer machine along with a table spoon of Lemon juice and oatmeal.Blend it very well until the smooth mixture paste has been made.Now apply the paste onto your entire face and leave it for 10 minutes and after that wash your face with warm water.

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Now take a pulp of one tomato and mash it with any fork or blender spoon,add one-fourth cup of cornmeal into this tomato paste.Mash them nicely and apply the paste onto your face and neck and after few minutes wash your face with warm water.Remember!! avoiding your eyes by this paste.

Cut another one tomato into small pieces and rub the inner surface of tomato onto your face and neck in a circular motion until then your face is totally covered with tomato juice.Let it dry and after few minutes wash your face with cool water.

Take one table spoon of oatmeal and mix it with one table spoon of non-fat dry milk and put it into a one tomato paste.Mix them and apply on your face with finger tips.Leave it on your face almost 45 minutes and after that clean with warm water.

Take one table spoon of brewer’s yeast and mix it with half table spoon of yogurt and one table spoon of olive oil, tomato juice, lemon juice and carrot juice.Apply it onto your face and leave for 15 minutes then wash with warm water.

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These are the some very useful steps to make home made facial mask for any type of skin.You can made it at home easily and by the use of this tomato facial mask you can remove black heads and aging spots etc etc from your face and make your face beautiful and skin so healthy and shiny.

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