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Home Remedies For Oily Skin Care


In this world, every woman wants to make her oily skin shinny and glowing. Because of this reason, women use different cosmetics and products for getting rid from the oily skin. Here we will discuss best and easy home remedies for oily skin care. The best home remedies are as follows:

Home Remedies For Oily Skin Care

  1. The most important home remedy for oily skin care is that woman should eat healthy and well balanced diet. Woman should treat her skin by cleansing and moisturizing daily.
  2. Secondly, woman should take at least half cup of mashed apples and then add half cup of oatmeal in it. Then she should add few drops of lemon juice and one beaten egg white. Now mix these two ingredients for making the thick paste. Now woman should apply this paste on her skin for at least 15 minutes and wash her face with the cool water.
  3. The third home remedy for oily skin care is that woman should add half teaspoon of limejuice and cucumber juice and then make a mixture. After making the mixture, she should apply on her face for 30 minutes before bath.
  4. Mud or clay mask is very useful for oily skin. For oily skin care, women should add 1 teaspoon of clay powder and then add one teaspoon of honey and then blend them well. Then woman should apply this mixture on her face for 15 minutes before removing with lukewarm water.
  5. In additionally, woman should take some yogurt and fuller earth. Mix these two things and then apply on her face. In this way, women will control oil on her skin.
  6. Lastly, women should wash her face with the cold water at least five times in a day and should drink plenty of water.
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So these are considered to be important and safe home remedies for oily skin care. You should apply these home remedies or beauty tips for getting glowing skin.

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