Hair Treatment With Banana, As we know that home remedies for every season are always simple but useful.Here we have shared so many home remedies for hair treatment, skin care treatment and so many.In this post we are going give you an another home made recipe for hair treatment.Hair is a very important part of our whole body and we all men and women are very conscious about our hair.We do all the sorts to give our hairs health and shiny look.We uses shampoo, conditioner and hair masks to give our hair a healthy and natural beauty.One of the easy and useful tip for hair treatment has now shared below:
Banana is a very common and readily available fruits in all season.Bananas are use for so many purposes but we don’t know that they are also very useful for healthy hairs.This fruits contains Potassium, Vitamin c and B and tryptophan that always help revitalize our skin and hairs .Here is a most useful tip to make air conditioner with bananas at home below:

INGREDIENTS:Hair Treatment With Banana 001
1/2 Ripe Avocado
1/2 ripe Bananas
2 tsp plain Yogurt
1 tbs extra virgin olive oil

Firstly, you should have to mix the ingredients nicely.Just mash banana and avocado in a bowl and mix yogurt and olive oil into them.Stir nicely until the paste becomes smooth.Secondly, wash your hair with your shampoo and let it dry with towel.Apply the mixture on whole hairs but avoiding the scalp area.Use with teeth comb to ensure that it’s evenly mixed every where.Wrap your hair with disposable shower cap.Leave the mixture for 20-25 minutes and then rinse off with water.Afterward, apply shampoo to wash thee mixture completely out.

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