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How To Treat A Migraine With 3 Effective Ways

How To Treat A Migraine

A migraine is a common but worst problem. It is a throbbing headache on one side of the head with vomiting, nausea and sometimes the sensitivity of light and sound. It can be a stage of Aura which means the visual disturbances like the zigzag, shimmery colored lights, flashes, and splotches. There are numerous reasons behind migraines. It is a neurobiological disorder that includes vascular and neurological both type of changes in the brain. There are so many ways to treat a migraine but here in this post, I am sharing how to treat a migraine with 3 effective ways below.

Let’s check out the some of the 3 effective ways to treat a migraine below. These tips will definitely help you very much to get rid of migraine problem.

How To Treat A Migraine 3 Effective Ways

1, Medical Treatments

Medical treatment is the best way to treat any kind of a migraine. you need to consult your doctor and take some medicine to reduce the pain of a migraine. Here are some effective medical treatments for a migraine, let’s have a look on how to treat a migraine with medical treatments

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How To Treat A Migraine

1, Antiseizure Medications

Anteiseicure medication is the process to stop migraine. In this method, migraine sufferers use medicines to stop seizures like valporic acid and topiramate. It can also reduce the migraine by 50%. This method has some side effects like drowsiness and confusion.

2, Triptans

It is also a prescribed drug includes Imitrex, Axert and Relpax which stop the migraine effectively. They are very effective to treat any kind of migraine but most of time it causes of rebound headache.

3, Botox

Botox is the most popular and clinically proven method to treat chronic migraine. In this treatment, about 31 shots have given in 12 weeks. The treatment has rare side effects but effectively.

4, Beta-Blockers/Anti-Hypertensive

Those drugs which are using to treat angina, high blood pressure and fast heart beats like propranolo, timolo and metoprolol can also be used to treat migraine. These drugs are very effective but having few side effects, sometime can be a reason of dangerous heart-rate drops.

5, Anti-Depressants

SSRIs and Tricyclics are known to be as the effective and best medications to treat migraine. Usually, some of the migraine attacks are caused by the abnormal level of serotonin and these drugs and balance it. This treatment is working for when you are in depression.

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2, Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are the most effective and free of side effects way to treat migraine. There are various home remedies which are popular for migraine but here you can see some effective and easy treatments, lets read how to treat a migraine with these natural remedies.

How To Treat A Migraine

1, Ice Packs:

Ice has anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to stop a migraine. Use ice packs instead of heat to steep a migraine.

2, Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is another natural treatment which is considerably very effectively to treat a migraine. It gives a long-term result like drugs without any side effect.

3, Relaxation Techniques:

Massage and yoga are the best ways to treat a migraine. Massage on neck and shoulder spasms can increase awareness and also detect an oncoming migraine. It has no side effect but effective for migraine surfers.

4, Supplements:

There are many supplements can be sued for a migraine. The riboflavin 400mg is very effective supplement include Vitamin B2 reduce the chance of a migraine. Another supplement CoQ10 is also proved as the best migraine supplement.

5, Herbs:

Herbal treatments and herbal medicines are also very effective to reduce the chance of a migraine. Dry-leaf capsules can be used to treat a migraine without any side effects.

3, Other Treatments

Other treatments like some tips and changes in your daily routine will also help you to reduce the chance of migraine as well as also treat migraine. Let’s check out how to treat a migraine below.

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How To Treat A Migraine

1, Alcohol:

If you get the hangover after just one drink of alcohol then you can experience a migraine. So avoid alcohol and reduce the frequency of a migraine.

2, Sleep Disruptions:

Sleep-deprived is another common reason that increases the frequency of a migraine. It can change a migraine elated protein.

3, Dropping Estrogen Levels:

Dropping of estrogen is also the common reason among women which can be a cause of a migraine.

4, Caffeine:

Caffeine is also the main reason behind a migraine. If you take caffeine regularly then it can increase the chance of a headache and migraine.

5, Trigger Management:

You can track a headache by look out the calendar for potential catalysts and patterns. If you are prone to a migraine then this trigger management is necessary for you.

6, Missed Meals:

Never take the gap in your meal more than 3 hours. The fluctuations include in blood sugar may be a cause of escalating pain in head and increase the chance of a migraine. Add lean protein to your diet to keep your glucose levels steady.


So, migraine is known as the most common problem nowadays. Here I have shared with you how to treat a migraine. These are the 3 effective ways to treat a migraine. With the help of this post, you can reduce the chance of a migraine as well as treat your migraine easily. Make your life free of a headache by changing your lifestyle as well take some treatments.

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