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Top 12 Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices – Scientifically Proven

Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices - Cover

Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices - Cover

There are lots of meditation, exercises like deep breathing, brainwave entertainment and visualization to tackle your brain potential and boost it to work smoothly and fresh, but do you know there are lots of spices and herbs which is gifted to us by nature which can help boosting brain if we take it in a correct quantity and at right time? yes there are lots of herbs and spices for this but these Top 12 Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices are proven by science and you will get surprise by know them.

List Of Top 12 Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices

#1 Black Pepper:

Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices - Black Pepper

Also know as Piperine which is another pungent compound in the family of Piperaceae family. which helps to increase beta-endorphins in brain and help boost cognitive function. When you have increased your beta-endorphins you will have good happy mood and brain relaxation which will help you to complete your task easily.

#2 Cinnamon

Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices - CinnamonHave you ever heard about Alzheimer? or you are having this diseases? Alzheimer is a common form of dementia which causes mental disorder which is incurable. In a recent research by U.S. Department of Agriculture, they said Cinnamon contain a compound of cinnamaldehyde and epicatechin which can help to prevent this mental disorder, the compound would actually activate Tau proteins in your body which will actually stabilized your microtubules. microtubules play the most important role in having dementias. If you have stable microtubules and tau proteins then your mind will stay relax, healthy and memory will stay sharp.

#3, Ginseng

Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices - GinsengGinseng is a slow growing perennial plant which belongs to genus panax of the family Araliaceae. According to the researchers it has a properties which boost brain and mental well-being, it also has the ability of Boosts Energy, Endurance, and Strength of your body which keeps you young and active. Ginseng Improves Memory and Mental Performance if you take it regularly at balance quantity, it is also called Nature’s Viagra.

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#4, Green Tea

Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices - Green TeaGreen tea produced from Camellia sinensis leaves, It has many positive health effect but the most prominent effect of the extract is that it help your brain to keep relax and work with an efficient speed, it has a high level of antioxidants which helps in improving your brain power. If you take 2-3 cups of green tea daily it will prevent you from the very harmful disease called dementia and let you stay free from Alzheimer.

#5, Holy Basil

Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices - Holy BasilHoly Basil or Sweet Basil is a common name of this leave which found in thailand, Thai people also called it as Thai Basil, It has strong ability to boost your brain memory if you would use it at right quantity, you can also use the oil of Basil twice in a week which will increase your brain memory and prevent your brain for major diseases.

#6, NutmegBrain Boosting Herbs & Spices - Nutmeg

Nutmeg which is also known as Pala, It is very exotic to an extent, and very rare spice. The compound of this herb is called myristicin which is very helpful in boosting your brain. The major effect of this spice is that it increases your memory level and prevent your brain from fatigue.

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#7, Oregano

Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices - OreganoOrgeno is the genus of mint family, it is also known as Origanum, This herb contains high levels of antioxidants, the extract contain by this herb is amazing because it does not even healthy for your brain but also gives your brain to release stress, concentrate betters and decrease anxiety. It has also a quality which destroy the free radical in your body. You can also use Orgeno oil in cooking and use its oil for aromatherapy to cool your nerves and release stress.

#8, Rosemary

Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices - RosemaryRosemary also known as Rosmarinus officinalis, it is like a woody herb with white, purple, pink and blue leaves. It has an amazing antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties which prevent your brain from free radicals. rosemary also contain an acid called Carnosic which is good for protecting you from brain strokes and Alzheimer’s disease, It has ability to increase circulation in your brain which will improve your brain functions.

#9, Saffron

Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices - SaffronFlower of Crocus sativus contain this amazing spice called Saffron, It contains the properties of antidepressant, which is way better than any medicine of antidepressant pills. The most effective benefit of this spice is that it will sharp your brain and improves your brain functions.

#10, Sage

Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices - SageSage is another amazing herb which contains carnosic acid, If you are in using herbs then you should know much about this herb because it is very common and famous, it has also the ability to prevent your brain from radical-free damages. The compound in this herb will improves your brain memory and memory re-call.

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#11, Thyme

Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices - ThymeThyme is came from Thymus plant, Thyme is an amazing oil which improves the memory and boost your brain. It also increases the omega-3 fatty acid in your brain. Which is beneficial for the brain. It also increases the docosahexaenoic acid in your brain which helps developing the proper cells in your brain.

#12, Turmeric

Brain Boosting Herbs & Spices - TurmericA very amazing and common, which you can find in any kitchen. It contains a chemical called curcumin which prevent your brain from having Alzheimer’s disease and improves your memory and it has an antidepressant effect which will help your brain stressed out and relax so that you will be concentrate on your learning.


These herbs are easily available in the shops and stores, and they have no side effects. Keep them in your kitchen and home and add them in your daily routine which will give you an amazing significant results after days and weeks.

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