Top 5 Best Shampoo For Oily Hair In Pakistan

Top 5 Shampoos For Oily Hair - Aubrey Organics Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo

Oily and greasy hair is the most embarrassing problem in men and women. It is very irritating problem for women because oily hair looks fresh when you wash, but slightly, it looks greasy and dull in the evening. Oily hair always gives an unimpressive look to personality. Every person, who have oily hair, always search for different treatments to get rid of oiliness. There are so many ways and home remedies for treating oily hair, One of the most common and perfect solution is to use shampoos for oily hair, Here in this post i am sharing top 5 best shampoo for oily hair which are easily available in Pakistan on affordable prices.

Top 5 Best Shampoo For Oily Hair In Pakistan

Right here in this post you will be able to find top 5 shampoos for oily hair. These shampoos are available in all over Pakistan at very reasonable prices.

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5. Aubrey Organic Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo:

Top 5 Shampoos For Oily Hair - Aubrey Organics Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo

Aubrey Organics shampoo is a natural shampoo for oily hairs, It has a strong alcohol scent and deep golden color. A small amount of shampoo with water works properly and makes a good leather. This shampoo is perfect for those people who have oily hair and scalp. It gives moisture to hair and scalp and remove oiliness.


  • Fast nutrient
  • Protects hair with oiliness
  • Contains hair strengthens fiber
  • Gives fullness to hair
  • Hair manageability


  • High price

Price: Rs 1095

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4. Head & Shoulders Citrus Breeze Shampoo:

Top 5 Shampoos For Oily Hair - Head & Shoulders Citrus Breeze Shampoo

Head & Shoulders citrus breeze shampoo is the most common shampoo for oily hair. This shampoo has ability to control oil in hair and scalp. It gives hydration at the same time it gives moisturize. The citrus smell is long lasting and leave the hair silky and refresh all the day.

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  • 2 in 1 Shampoo
  • Shampoo + Conditioner
  • Best for dandruff
  • Remove oiliness
  • Best for thin hair
  • Relieves irritation


  • Conditioner not great

Price: Rs 560

3. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo:

Top 5 Shampoos For Oily Hair - Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo

Neutrogena Anti-Residue shampoo is the most best shampoo for oily hair. This shampoo not only cleans your hair and scalp but also adds volume to hair. It is very easy to apply and remove, It has a gentle and smooth formula, that make your hair oil free.


  • Make hair shiny
  • Instantly removes dullness
  • For all hair type
  • Mild formula
  • Easily rinse off
  • improves hair health


  • Doesn’t leather well
  • Bad smell

Price: Rs 529

2. Herbal Essences Drama Clean Refreshing Shampoo:

Top 5 Shampoos For Oily Hair - Herbal Essences Drama Clean Shampoo

Herbal Essences drama clean refreshing shampoo is the most popular in . A little amount of shampoo makes good leather and cleanse hair and scalp thoroughly. It also prevents hair from falling and dandruff.


  • Cleanse hair well
  • Nice fruity fragrance
  • Small amount works well
  • Perfect for normal and oily hair
  • Contains green tea
  • Lathers well


  • May damage extreme dry hair

Price: Rs 300

1. Tresemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo:

Top 5 Shampoos For Oily Hair - Tresemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Tresemme deep cleansing shampoo is the well known shampoo for oily hair. It contains Vitamin C that make your hair shiny, silky and oil free. It is the popular shampoo and being use in big beauty salons. It frequently remove oil and dirt from hair and leave it fresh, shiny and silky all the time.

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  • For daily use
  • Contain Vitamin C
  • Deep cleansing formula
  • Remove oiliness from hair and scalp
  • Refresh oily hair
  • Gives shine and silky look
  • Great fragrance


  • No Cons!!

Price: Rs 600

These top 5 best shampoo for oily hair are very popular and they are available in Pakistan easily. Try one of them now and prevent your hair from oiliness.

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