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Top 4 Revlon Lip Colors 2015 In Pakistan

Top 4 Revlon Lip Colors 2015

Revlon is one in the most popular and well reputed makeup brand in all over the world. Revlon is a makeup brand that always launches their makeup products. The brand is much famous for their wide range of lip colors. Women always attract towards their lip colors because they are bold, lustrous and glossy. Their lipstick range has launched recently for this year 2015. Here in this post i am also sharing top 4 Revlon lip colors 2015 in Pakistan below. These all lip colros are new and launched recently.

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Top 4 Revlon Lip Colors 2015 In Pakistan

Revlon latest lip colors includes lipsticks and lip glosses. These lip colors are really very popular and available easily anywhere in markets. Let’s check out the review and price of top 4 Revlon lip colors 2015 below.

  1. New Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick
  2. New Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor
  3. New Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer
  4. New Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss

4, New Ultra HD Lipstick:

Top 4 Revlon Lip Colors 2015

This is a Revlon new HD lipstick range that comes in 20 beautiful shades. This is a wax-free gel lipstick that gives a true clarity in only one sweep. These lipsticks shades are bold and high-definition. It gives smooth and soft look to lips. It doesn’t give heavy look in hot season.

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  • Wax-Free Gel Technology.
  • High-Defamation Color.
  • Gives Smooth Look In One Sweep.
  • Available in 20 HD Colors.

Shades Name:

  1. HD Gladiolus
  2. HD Magnola
  3. HD Rose
  4. HD Hydrangea
  5. HD Peony
  6. HD Azalea
  7. HD Poppy
  8. HD Iris
  9. HD Poinsettia
  10. HD Primrose
  11. HD Tulip
  12. HD Geranium
  13. HD Hibiscus
  14. HD Camilla
  15. HD Marigold
  16. HD Sweet Pea
  17. HD Orchid
  18. HD Dahlia
  19. HD Snapdragon
  20. HD Petunia

Price: 799 /-

3, New Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor:

Top 4 Revlon Lip Colors 2015

This is a new Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor collection which is full of with moisture and rich shine. It is available in 26 beautiful shades. All the shades are bold and work overtime. These lip colors don’t need touch ups. They are moisturizing, glossy and also soft. The lip glosses contains soy extract and chamomile that give protection to lips.


  • Available In 26 Colors.
  • Lip Color + Moisturizing Glosses.
  • Gives All Day Color Coverage.
  • Colors Won’t Fade.

Shades Name:

  1. All Night Fuchsia
  2. Unending Red
  3. For Keeps Pink
  4. Forever Pink
  5. Perennial Peach
  6. Neverending Nude
  7. Infinite Apricot
  8. Eternal Rose
  9. Enduring Iris
  10. Constantly Coral
  11. Forever Scarlet
  12. Keep Blushing
  13. Ultimate Wine
  14. Unlimited Mulberry
  15. Perennial Plum
  16. Stay Currant
  17. Faithful Fawn
  18. Eternally Tan
  19. Endless Spice
  20. Always Sienna
  21. Bare Maximum
  22. Non-Stop Cherry
  23. Infinite Raspberry
  24. Boundless Brandy
  25. Relentless Raisin
  26. Everlasting Rum

Price: 635 /-

2, New Ultra HD Lip Lacquer:

Top 4 Revlon Lip Colors 2015

This new ultra HD lip lacquer range comes in 15 beautiful colors. These lip lacquers are innovative and true colors. It has a wax-free gel technology that give clarity, vivid shine and glossy look. It is lightweight and bouncy in feel. It is long lasting for all day without fading.

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  • Wax-Free Gel Technology.
  • Gives Clear and Vivid Look.
  • It Is Silky Not Sticky.
  • Availble In 15 HD Colors.

Shades Name:

  1. HD Pink Ruby
  2. HD Petalite
  3. HD Tourmaline
  4. HD Pink Diamond
  5. HD Sunstone
  6. HD Smoky Topaz
  7. HD Rose Quartz
  8. HD Garnet
  9. HD Citrine
  10. HD Fire Opal
  11. HD Strawberry Topaz
  12. HD Smoky Quartz
  13. HD Pink Sapphire
  14. HD Carnelian
  15. HD Amber

Price: Rs 500 /-

1, New Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss:

Top 4 Revlon Lip Colors 2015

This Revlon new super lustrous lipglosses are silky and hydrated. These lip glosses boost hydration and plumps lips. It has moisturizing effect with shine and touch. They have a good color pay off that won’t be fading. These are silky but not sticky and alo gives glamorous shine.


  • Moisturizing Shine.
  • Non-Sticky Feel
  • Silky Glosses.
  • Boosts Hydration and Plumps Lips.
  • Available in 12 Shades.

Shades Name:

  1. Desert spice
  2. Sandstorm
  3. Sky Pink
  4. Solar Coral
  5. Snow Pink
  6. Pinkissimo
  7. Pink Pop
  8. Pango Peach
  9. Fatal Apple
  10. Sugar Violet
  11. Super Natural
  12. Rose Future

Price: Rs 599 /-

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So, these are the top 4 new Revlon lip colors 2015 for summer. These are available easily at any big cosmetics shop at very reasonable price.

Have your tried them?

Keep sharing and commenting!! 🙂

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