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Moisturizer reviews and swatches with price

Latest Beauty Products In Pakistan 14

Latest Pakistani Beauty Products 2014

is an ornament and every men and women is crazy about their beauty. We do so many sorts to enhance our beauty. For skin care to hair care, we use always high quality products. Here are so many products are available in market, which help us to enhance our beauty. If we talk about our skin care and hair care treatments then i tell you, no body takes any risk for their skin as well as hair. Like this, we also add always a high quality makeup products in our cosmetics shelf.Read More »Latest Pakistani Beauty Products 2014

Essence Pure Skin Anti-Spot Moisturizer Review 2

Essence Pure Skin Anti-Spot Moisturizer Review

Essence Pure Anti-Spot Moisturizer Cream is one of the best product launched by Essence Cosmetics.This Anti-Spot Moisturizer cream is a high quality product and it is perfect for the season of winter.

Girls!! if you are facing the problem of redness and cracking during this winter season, then i must tel you this moisturizer cream will be perfect for you.This moisturizer is a perfect for oil skin and combination skin and also effected for those who has a acne problem.Essence Pure Anti-Spot Moisturizer cream is a product which has consists of so many thing but most of two Aqua (water) and Glycerine make this product very effective.But don’t be worry because its glycerine presence will not give you a greasy skin.It has a ability to absorb in skin and making your skin moist whole day and night.Yes, it is confirmed by dermatologist and i also confirmed you that Essence Pure Skin Anti-Moisturizer cream is the best product for this winter season, which i always keep in my cosmetics section.Read More »Essence Pure Skin Anti-Spot Moisturizer Review