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Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands In Pakistan

Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands In Pakistan - Olivia

In the past women used henna paste to dye their hairs. But with time, so many hair products have introduced. These products contain chemicals that change the colors of hair. There are so many hair coloring products are available inside  Pakistani markets. The selection of the best product is such a difficult task. so, here I am sharing the top 10 best hair color brands in Pakistan.

Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands In Pakistan

There are so many famous brands are working who provide high-quality hair colors. These hair colors include chemicals that easily change hair color. In this post, I am sharing some of the leading hair color brands which are easily available in Pakistan below.

10. Olivia:

Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands In Pakistan - Olivia

Olivia is the most famous cosmetics and beauty brand in Pakistan. Olivia was established in 1982. Since then, they are providing high-quality products all over Pakistan. Olivia is among leading hair color brands in our country. They provide a wide range of hair color products. They provide hair colors for grey hair as well as fashion. The hair color range of Olivia includes 12 beautiful shades.

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9. Black Rose:

Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands In Pakistan - Black Rose

Black Rose is another well-known cosmetics brand in Pakistan. Black Rose was established in 2009 but gained famous in a very short period of career. Black Rose is the hair care company in Pakistan. It is also running its branches in different countries. Black Rose provides high-quality hair care products. The hair color range of Black Rose includes 6 beautiful shades.


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8. Dupas:

Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands In Pakistan - Dupas

Dupas is also an international cosmetics brands. Dupas hair color is also very popular in Pakistan. They provide high-quality hair colors for women. It contains Aloe Vera and Corn Oil extract that neutralize the chemical effects. Dupas hair color range includes 65 beautiful shades.


7. Naturtint:

Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands In Pakistan - Naturtint

Naturtint is also an international cosmetics brand. Naturtint is a brand who provide hair colors worldwide. Their hair coloring products are popular because it has no ammonia and no parabens. It also dyes damaged brittle hair. It is available in 29 beautiful shades.


6. Wella:

Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands In Pakistan - Wella

Wella was established in 1880. Wella is the place where you can find hair color treatment. Most of the professional people use Wella hair colors. Their Koleston Perfect hair color has a truly perfect, intense and vibrant color result. Total of 115 beautiful shades is available in their hair color range.

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5. Clairol:

Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands In Pakistan - Clairol

Clairol is also one in the famous international hair color brand. Clairol was established in 1931. They are providing high-quality hair coloring products worldwide. Their hair color is famous because it contains no paraben and ammonia. It also gives a beautiful look to damaged hair.


4. Garnier:

Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands In Pakistan - Garnier

Garnier is also in the top-listed hair color brands in Pakistan. Garnier is a USA brand but started work in Pakistan in 2005. Garnier Pakistan aims is to provide high-quality cosmetics products for women. They provide different cosmetics products but their hair color much popular in women. They provide 18 beautiful hair colors for women.


3. Revlon:

Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands In Pakistan - Revlon

Revlon is the most famous cosmetic s brand. Revlon was established in 1932. They provide a wide range of beauty products. their hair color range is most popular in women. Revlon provides 48 beautiful hair shades. Their hair colors give a natural look. It contains essential oils that make the hairs healthy and beautiful.


2. L’Oreal:

Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands In Pakistan - L'Oreal

L’Oreal is a popular brand all over the world. It was established in 2010 and in a very short period they have gained a huge response. L’Oreal offers a wide range of hair color products. It is available in 120 beautiful shades. It is fade-resistant and also provides great coverage. It also makes the hair shiny and healthy.

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1. Keune:

Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands In Pakistan - Keune

Keune is the most popular and number one in the list of top 10 hair color brands. Keune was established in 1922. Keune is an international brand but also provides its products in Pakistan. Keune is known to be as a professional stylist’s hair color. Keune offers a wide range of beautiful shades. Their every shade is awesome and give a natural look.

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These were the top 10 best hair color brands in Pakistan, These hair color brands are very easy to find in any shop of Pakistan if you are looking for one of them to try then do not forget to consult your doctor first, because these hair color contain chemicals which may harm your hair if you are surfing from any hair disease. If you are already using one of them then do not forget to write your review in the comment box below to help others to select one of these hair brands for them.

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Hair Color Brands In Pakistan

  1. hina says:

    i am using hair colours since 20 years.i have seen least allergy by keune.garnier shows some itching on forehead and Loreal also .

    1. Sam says:

      Whichone is best??

  2. Zakir Hussain says:

    I have used Revlon for 1 year this one is good .but when I used permanently a problem start with my hair .upper scalp of my head started dry as well as start hair falling

  3. Rukh khan says:

    These all are chemical so they demage hair very fast.once I used L’Oreal and I faced dandraff and hair fall problem.

  4. Nasir Mushtaq says:

    Any other issue..? means u r using color are your hair become more white then before.
    I have some of my scap area got white due to hair can I use this color
    Pls guide me as u using from 20 years

  5. ajaz Ahmed says:

    best kon sa hy clor

  6. Iraj amin says:

    I dob5 k ow which brand is best for dyi g hair of teens below 14 so can u all guide me as I have never ever dyed my hair this ia my first time. Can u tall me in your replies that whoch brand of hair dye should i choose and use it to dye my hair plzzzz telle in your replies

    1. All hair colors are made for over 18+ age. If you are 40 you shoul start coloring if you want to grey coverage. Under 18. You shoul try chalk comb colors which is temporary because you don’t want the colour at this stage

    2. Rubab says:


    3. Saifullah says:

      Bhai tum used karo (Bigen color Tokyo Japan) wala behtareen color hai.

  7. Adi Butt says:

    I think revlon 11 is good.
    O use it after 2 week’s. Good result

  8. Ali says:

    I think Prodonna hair cor is best in Pakistan

  9. Fazila says:

    Don’t use . I have used hair colour 3 times . And now my front hair become white ….. And there is no way to get my black hair back ….

  10. Fari says:

    I m 18 years old, and my hair became white, I once used framesi color for sticking. That was best

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