French Braid Steps For Beginners – Video Tutorial

Hello Friends, It’s Lilly here and today i am going to be teaching how to create a regular French Braid all the way in the box, So if you still don’t know how to do it or you want to touch up on your technique then keep watching and i will take you through all the steps.

French Braid Steps For Beginners - Videos Tutorial Cover 2To master the french braid all you need a lot of practice and just a few basic tools such as brush comb through your hair as a first step and a elastic in the end to tie your hair and a hair spray. So have a look at the video for the complete steps.

French Braid Steps For Beginners – Video Tutorial


So guys the French Braid is done, all you guys need to do practice and practice, if you dont get it from the first try. It’s simple technique but something that takes a while to get some reason, even for me when i was first learning it, so here is the video and if you dont get it then keep watching and practicing

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