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5 Best Kashees Foundations With Prices

Best Kashees Foundations

If you are a makeup enthusiast, you know the importance of having a high-quality foundation. Not only does it provide a flawless base for your makeup, but it can also enhance your natural features and make you feel confident. When it comes to foundation, Kashee’s is a brand that is synonymous with quality and excellence. In this article, we will take a closer look at the 5 best Kashees foundations products available in Pakistan.

Who is Kashee’s?

Kashee’s is a renowned Pakistani brand that has made a name for itself in the beauty industry. They are known for their exceptional beauty parlor, hair extensions, and makeup products, including foundations, which are designed to provide full coverage and long-lasting results. Kashee’s foundations are formulated with high-quality ingredients that nourish and protect the skin, while also providing a flawless finish.

Types of 5 Best Kashees Foundation

Kashee’s offers a wide range of foundation products that cater to different skin types and preferences. Here are some of the 5 best Kashees foundations types that you can choose from:

Liquid Foundation Eventone High Coverage

Best Kashees Foundations

Introducing Kashees even-tone high-coverage foundation – the perfect solution to achieve a flawless look. With a rating of 4.44 out of 5 based on customer reviews, this liquid foundation is a must-have in your beauty arsenal. Priced at ₨ 3,300, it offers great value for money.

This high-coverage foundation provides a full-coverage finish that lasts for up to 24 hours. It effectively covers scars and dark circles, leaving your skin looking even and blemish-free. Additionally, it includes a high-profile concealer that helps to hide any imperfections, giving you a smooth, glowing complexion that lasts all day.

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The foundation comes in a range of shades to suit different skin tones and preferences. The shades include Passionate 13, Classic ivory 5, and Singing 7 for fair to medium skin tones, while Exclusive 10, Purity 15, and Royal image 11 are perfect for normal to dark skin tones. For those who prefer pink undertones, there are Daisy 2 (pink shade) and Pure porcelain 04 (pink-white shade).

To choose the right shade for your skin tone, refer to the chart below:

  • Heaven (Fair to medium): 7, 9, 5, 13, 19
  • Dark (Normal to dark): 10, 11, 12, 6, 16
  • Pink shade (Normal to dark): 1, 2, 3
  • Pink fair: 4

Achieve a flawless complexion effortlessly with Kashees even-tone high-coverage foundation.

Satin Finish Ultra Glow Foundation

Best Kashees Foundations

Kashees Satin Finish Ultra Glow Foundation is the perfect solution for those looking to enhance their natural beauty. With a customer rating of 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 review, this foundation is guaranteed to deliver on its promise of a radiant glow that lasts all day. You can buy this foundation for Rs. 3,500.

One of the key benefits of this foundation is its long-lasting formula that ensures your skin remains flawless for hours on end. It also offers an even coverage that evens out your skin tone and provides a blemish-free look that you can confidently flaunt all day long.

With 11 shades available, you can easily find the perfect match for your skin tone. Whether you prefer the bold and bright hues of Butterfly, Fashion Step, Glamour Girl, Magic Pearl, Majestic, Mermaid, Princess, Refined Reveal, Royal Era, Snow White, or Super Power, or the velvety smooth finish of Velvet, this foundation has got you covered.

In addition to its coverage and long-lasting effects, the Kashees Satin Finish Ultra Glow Foundation is also designed to provide simple and smooth skin that radiates with a natural glow. It’s a daily-use foundation that you can rely on to enhance your beauty and provide you with the confidence to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Kashees Stick Foundation

Best Kashees Foundations

Kashees Stick Foundation – a versatile cosmetic product that is a foundation and concealer in one. Its unique formulation works wonders in concealing specific skin imperfections effectively. With a thick consistency, this foundation offers a long-lasting finish that can enhance your skin’s texture and overall appearance and it is available at Rs. 2500.

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The Kashees Stick Foundation is a game-changer for those who desire flawless-looking skin. It offers maximum coverage that lasts all day without caking or creasing. You can use it to cover blemishes, dark spots, and even dark circles under the eyes. The foundation’s creamy texture effortlessly glides on the skin, leaving a smooth, even-toned finish.

Another advantage of this foundation is its convenience. The stick format makes it easy to apply and carry with you, making it an ideal option for on-the-go touch-ups. Plus, the foundation is available in a range of shades to match any skin tone.

Investing in Kashees Stick Foundation is a wise decision if you want a long-lasting, multi-functional foundation that delivers on its promises. Get ready to enjoy a radiant complexion that looks and feels flawless!

Flawless Beauty Cream Foundation

Best Kashees Foundations

An exceptional foundation that effortlessly creates a flawless and uniform complexion. This beauty essential expertly conceals blemishes and imperfections while providing an alluring natural-looking finish.

Not only does it offer seamless coverage, but it also hydrates your skin, acts as a protective sunscreen, and functions as an astringent, making it a versatile addition to your beauty routine. Additionally, it serves as an ideal base for complex cosmetic applications.

With its blendable formula and long-lasting coverage, the Kashees Flawless Beauty Cream Foundation is perfect for any occasion.

Get your hands on this beauty must-have for only ₨ 2,000 today!

Kashees Compact Powder

Best Kashees Foundations

A finely milled powder that is perfect for achieving a natural, flawless finish. This powder is designed to be light on the skin, giving it a weightless feel, and is available in powder form. Its main purpose is to set your makeup and provide a smooth, matte finish that lasts for hours.

This versatile product can be used in several ways. You can apply it over your foundation to set it in place, or use it alone to minimize shine and even out your skin tone. Its finely milled texture helps to blur out imperfections, giving your skin a smooth and radiant appearance.

Kashees compact powder has received rave reviews from customers, with an average rating of 5.00 out of 5 based on two customer reviews. Customers have praised its ability to provide a flawless finish while still feeling lightweight on the skin.

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Priced at ₨ 3,000, this compact powder is a must-have in your makeup bag. Its travel-friendly packaging allows you to touch up your makeup on the go, making it perfect for busy individuals who are always on the move.

In conclusion, Kashees compact powder is a versatile and high-quality product that delivers on its promises. It provides a natural-looking finish that lasts for hours and is perfect for all skin types. Get your hands on this amazing product today and experience the difference for yourself!

How to Apply Kashee’s Foundation

Now that you have chosen the best Kashee’s foundation for your skin, it is important to know how to apply it correctly. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you:

  1. Start by moisturizing your skin with a lightweight moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type.
  2. Apply a primer to help the foundation adhere better to the skin and last longer.
  3. Using a brush or a sponge, apply the Kashee’s foundation to your face, starting from the center and blending outwards.
  4. Use a concealer to cover any blemishes or dark circles under your eyes.
  5. Set your foundation with a loose powder to help it last longer.
  6. Finish your makeup look with blush, bronzer, and a setting spray to lock everything in place.


Kashee’s is a brand that is known for its high-quality makeup products, including foundations. The best Kashee’s foundation for you will depend on your skin type, coverage preference, and budget. Whether you choose a liquid, stick, powder, or mousse foundation, you can rest assured that you are getting a product that is formulated with high-quality ingredients that will provide a flawless finish.


Are Kashee’s foundations suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, Kashee’s foundations are suitable for sensitive skin as they are formulated with high-quality ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

Can Kashee’s foundation be used on mature skin?

Yes, Kashee’s foundations can be used on mature skin as they are designed to provide full coverage without settling into fine lines or wrinkles.

How long does Kashee’s foundation last?

Kashee’s foundations are long-lasting and can last for up to 12 hours without needing touch-ups.

Can Kashee’s foundation be used for outdoor events?

Yes, Kashee’s foundation is suitable for outdoor events as it provides full coverage and is long-lasting.

Can I use Kashee’s foundation without a primer?

While it is recommended to use a primer before applying foundation, Kashee’s foundations can still be used without a primer. However, using a primer can help the foundation adhere better to the