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Janssen Relaxing Massage Cream 200ML

Restore Moisture Levels Maintains Skin’s PH Balance Non Greasy With Uplifting Properties Keep Skin Soft & Supple

Janssen Ocean Mineral Activator

A hydrating lotion containing beneficial oligo-elements Activates the ingredients in both powder and fleece masks Provides uniform re-mineralization Promotes a

Janssen Melafadin Fluid Ampoule 25 x 2 ML

Effective Skin Care Reduce Pigmentation Fair Looking Skin Complexion Lighten the Skin

Janssen Gentle Cleansing Powder 100g

Combination Skin Leaves the Skin Feeling Soft & Pleasant Gently Clean the Skin Natural Filter Material

Janssen Friming Face & Neck Decollete Cream

Neck & neckline lifting cream. Increases resilience and elasticity. Demanding Skin