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Tips To Avoid Winter Itch 2012

As we all know that the winter season is going with all its cold atmosphere and of course skin problems also.The most difficult problem during winter season is winter itching.When skin becomes flaky and dry and warm clothes lead to itching so we called as a “winter itch”. This happens because of absence of humidity leads to dry skin.If it get worsen and painful so you should have to consult a dermatologist.
Here are some useful tips to avoid “winter itch”. That will followed by you and you will be able to fight against this problem by home remedies tips.

1. Moisturize your skin as much as you can with oil-based moisturizer during cold weather.
2. Avoid too much hot water and perfumed soap for taking shower.Try to take a short bath with cold water.
3. Not to use too much cleansing because it removes the skin natural moisture and use non-detergent cleanser to prevent from itching.
4. Massage oil on your body to keep the skin soft and use also petroleum based balm on your lips.
5. Use cotton or linen pants or shirts under the warm woolen stuff and avoid too much use of woolen and war stuff because it causes itching.
6. Eat dry nuts of flatly acids like, almonds, walnut and peanuts during winter season to prevent from itching.
By following these tips you will get your skin healthy and itching-free..

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